Admission is open to children of all nationalities and religious affiliations between the ages of 6 months and 10 years old.


We at Forte Credence follow a jolly phonics/ Montessori for our Early Years and Foundation school (EYFS). EYFS for phonics and the Montessori for practical life. Our system is highly individualized to ensure that pupils learn in their own way and pace.


A general saying goes "Seeing is Believing". We'd want you to come and have a tour of your ward's learning institution. But you can have first-hand info about our fees by clicking the button below.

Forte Credence inTERnational School

Forte Credence International school, Ilorin, Kwara State, was established in October, 2020 under divine leading and God’s inspiration. Forte Credence is located in a serene environment conducive for learning behind Michael Imodu Labour Institute. We bring out the best in each child and encourage them to maximize their potentials. We believe that all children are able to learn and are capable of being successful.

Forte Credence inTERnational School

At Forte Credence International School, we ensure that we treat every prospective parent with transparency and professionalism. Admission is open to children from all nationalities and religious affiliations between the ages of 6 months and 10 years old.

Our School strictly follows the Federal Government & Education Board’s Safety Guidelines for schools & Institutions. We ensure frequent hand washing, keeping social distancing, temperature checks & other sanitary ethics in our school.



Our crèche section develops learners capable of finding and solving problems while collaborating with others.
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Beginning in our nursery classes, we develop learners capable of finding and solving problems, collaborating with others, and accessing, organizing, and presenting complex information. We adopt a blend of jolly phonics with the Nigerian curriculum to get the best total child prepared for the primary education.
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During the primary years, all the children build strong skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and take essential steps in science, social studies, computers, French art, music and physical education.
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Our Promise

Our promise is to promote characteristics and learning that will equip our pupils with valuable skills for the future. Our broad curriculum will help them to be intelligent, creative, independent, and resilient thinkers. Your children will love coming to school.

Our Vision

Raising Godly children into Godly adults.
Raising children who are confident and cannot be intimidated.
Raising competent professional/leaders of tomorrow who will shine among their peers.

Our Mission

To nurture a total child.
Modeling children to speak out and be heard.
Delivering quality education in a conducive and friendly environment.

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Our classrooms are spacious, standard, and equipped with facilities to aid pupils and students’ learning. Well-equipped ICT laboratories to ensure students practice what is being taught in their classes. UCMAS program to foster key cognitive skills in pupils such as memory, creative visualization, and focus.

The foundation of our School curriculum consists of several keystones, each representing a critical aspect of a pupil’s education.

Looking for a welcoming environment where your child will not only learn and grow, but also flourish? Forte Credence International School curriculum begins with a focus on the children who come to us, but it extends into the future. Our school offers quality and fun learning experiences, dedicated faculty, qualified teachers, and a place for pupils/ students to develop a life-long love of learning. The foundation of our School curriculum consists of several keystones, each representing a critical aspect of a pupil's education.

Sowemimo Abayomi
Director of Studies
From the desk of the pioneers

We welcome you to a school that we have built on the foundation of hard work, integrity, the pursuit of excellence, love of reading, friendliness, and selfless service to our community. Our vision from inception has always been to be the best.
Forte Credence International school is committed to giving quality education in a conducive and friendly environment. It is our vision to raise godly and confident children.
This vision has fostered a spirit of dedication and great passion for guiding our pupils and students to academic excellence and for mentoring them to develop the right behaviour that will make them appropriate for the society.