At Forte Credence School, we ensure that we treat every prospective parent with transparency and professionalism.


Our crèche sections develop learners capable of finding and solving problems while collaborating with others.

The homelike quality of our school contributes to a relaxed, focused experience for each child. Our indoor classroom activities are placed on open shelves for selection as interest and readiness is inspired in the children. Our outdoor environment offers a beautiful developed playground with manipulative sports & games.

A balanced environment for our toddlers to develop mentally, physically and socially.


Forte Credence International School curriculum begins with a focus on the children who come to us, but it extends into the future as well, envisioning the adults these children will become. Beginning in our nursery classes, we develop learners capable of finding and solving problems, collaborating with others, and accessing, organizing, and presenting complex information.
Every day we support students in mastering the basic communication skills which will prepare them to create and care for the world of the future.

In Forte Credence School classrooms, children are immersed in environments that reflect five essential characteristics:


1. Challenging – They learn by being engaged in complete and complex tasks
2. Balanced & Flexible – They learn in their own individual ways.
3. Collaborative – They learn by working together.
4. Experiential – They learn by doing.
5. Reflective – They learn by revisiting their work.


During the primary years, all the children build strong skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and take essential steps in science, social studies, computers, French art, music and physical education. The children gradually become assured readers, understanding what they are reading and eager to read more. Above all, we aim to instil in every child a love of reading books for life. Right from the start, we emphasize correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. We help the children balance creativity with accuracy. In early mathematics, a practical approach creates an understanding of the basic concepts on which all future study is based.

Computers are introduced from the first year of primary school to ensure all children are computer literate. French, music and art are taught by specialists and are integrated into the curriculum. Every class enjoys music lessons as part of the timetable. In art, the children will progress from simple painting to print-making, collage and model making.

JSS 1 - 3

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